Weaving A TapestryThis work of building 200 Orphanages Worldwide to help fund organization’s building projects takes tenacity, determination and patience. I feel as if each day I am weaving a large colorful tapestry, starting out with just a few strands of yarn. My days are filled with organizing and marketing current and future events and developing effective strategies to build awareness about the projects with key groups. Each strand of yarn I lovingly weave has a part in the big picture and when each has its place, I believe a beautiful tapestry will be created. That is a perfect metaphor for the work I am doing. It doesn’t look like much today, but with time, I believe it will be a beautiful work. 

I hear often from representatives from the orphanages and organizations featured on the site.  Relindis Moffor shared some of her tip to Cameroon and Florianne has news from Rwanda . I will share more from her trip soon.

I hear often from those on the front lines caring daily for the kids. I will try to  keep everyone informed more often.  For the Children, Jan.