Ok. I admit I was a bit dissappointed when I heard the forecast for Feb. 21, 2009 was snow and 10 degrees Fahrenheit with single digit wind chills. OK. I admit to not having much faith that I wouldn’t be the only one running…
Well, Rusty said it would work out and 75 people turned out that day to run and help raise funds for the orphans. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the sponsors, the runners and Gold’s Gym, Lori and Rusty who took this cause on and made a difference in the life of children they will never see. It took a bit to warm up afterward, but the hot chocolate at one of our sponsors helped! For The Children Under The TreeWe raised about $2,000 to go toward the Child Aid Survival in Ghana…It’s so inspiring what a few people can do!

We can’t do it all… but we can all do something!

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! JH

Most Of Everyone At 6KGoing into the ColdGold's Gym Staff Help Us Stretch