After the Sushi Sampling event in Arizona last month, I was invited to a luncheon for an organization called Friends of Orphans.  It is one of two events they hold yearly to spread the word about their organization. Friends of Orphans has many similarities to 200 Orphanages Worldwide in that it partners to meet the needs of most vulnerable in our world. That warms my heart.

They do such a good work for the children in medical, housing and education. They invited Reverend Rick Frechette CP, D.O., who has dedicated his life to the poor of this world, to speak at the luncheon. He has been working with Nuestros Pequenas Hermanos (Our Little Brothers and Sisters) in Haiti for 22 years. His words were both stirring and inspiring. He said it’s ok to try to do the impossible, but where do you start? A wise Nun told him once, you start anywhere. You paint the wall, you pick up a child, you share your soup. Just start doing something. He also talked about how important it is to give your best. Don’t give the leftovers or things you don’t want. Give the best of what you have to those who are in the most need. Invest.

He also said, “If we’re going to be exhausted, there’s no better reason.” He pours out his heart for the children and he touched all of our hearts. People stood and clapped when he was finished speaking.

Now, I know it’s a fundraiser. And I know he wants us to give money so he has to say those things. But that’s just fine with me and apparently the 300 or so people in attendance.

I admire what they are doing and have done and desire to emulate organizations like this one. They are doing a good work. We support them. Because some day we are going to grow up and be just like them.

For the Children JH