There are so many wonderful people around the world serving as our heart and hands touching the lives of orphaned children. It truly shows these kids that they may be orphaned, but they;re not forgotten. Here are just a few updates along with requests for help. It saddens me that there seems to be no lack of orphans to help. And I have to remind myself, we can’t do it all, but we can all do something.

Dr. Adilis Seushi, executive director with People’s Hope Hospital emailed me last week and said a group of medical workers wanted to go to a local orphanage and work with the children testing and prescribing care. He sent me photographs of his helpers and some of the children they met along the way. Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


I received two emails after my Supporter Update and I want to share them. Just so you can read what I read and somehow you might be touched to help in whatever way you can.

Dear Apostle,

It is my sincere hope that you are fine. Thanks very much for the updates. If God is on our side, who can be against us.

I have also a pleasure to to inform you that Christian World has started construction of the first orphanage at Bwanje in Ntcheu District from local resources. We are sure that the first phase will be completed by October 2009. The first phase consist of orphanage buildings, Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools and a Chapel. We are looking forward to well wishers who can either donate or help us raise $20,000 to enhance the completion of this phase of Bwanje Christian World..

May His Almighty God bless you, sir.

In His Service,
Malawi Africa

Another online email was received:
I am Fr. Anthony Hemsei parish priest of St. Joseph the Worker Parish from the diocese of Hakha, Myanmar. I am taking care of 35 orphans at my clergy house. My parishioners are so poor to contribute sufficient funds for the orphans. I am facing urgent need of assistance for these children. Could I be given a kind help that where to get sponsors?

Fr. Anthony Hemsei
Hakha, Myanmar

You can contact me if you wish to talk to any of these people directly.

For the Children,
Jan Hanson