I heard about two needs this morning that I will pass on to you.

Sandy Peterson, U.S. Representative for Hope for Africa emailed this earlier today and I wanted to share her request.

Edna Adan Hospital In Somaliland

Ayaan was shot in the face by a civil war bullet between Somalia and Somaliland when she was 2 years old in 1988. Miraculously, Ayaan survived even with a hole on the side of her face. Despite her very poor family in Burao, Somaliland, Ayaan attended some school with a bag over her head and learned some English. She found her way to the Edna Adan Hospital in Hargeisa, Somaliland of which I have supported for years to seek help. Today Ayaan is 22 years old and STILL looking for help with reconstructive surgery that the Edna Adan Hospital could not perform.
Edna Adan is one of those exceptional women in developing countries that Diane Sawyer will talk about this Fall on a” 60 Minute” like program that will coincide with a book called Half The Sky, that will come out in September.  Half the Sky, written by Nicholas Kristoff (Pulitzer prize winner) and staff writer for the New York Times will have a chapter on Edna Adan and her hospital. 

Sandy is one of the board members of the Friends of Edna Hospital in the U.S. and she is trying to help find reconstructive surgery for this vibrant and spirited ambitious young women named Ayaan. We have contacted Medical Missions of various kinds but she is now too old, or the global economy falls outside of their guidelines. Can you help Ayaan?  I do have pictures available upon request, however they are very graphic. 

Kenya: This organization is not been verified by us, so you will need to do your own due diligence if you choose to support them.

Huruko Childrens Centre is a Not for Profit school located in the Kibera slums-Kenya. Its vision is eradication of poverty through education. It tries to do this by providing free primary education and at the same time give food and clothing to the children who are mostly orphans who are HIV positive. It was begun in 2007 out of the efforts of a young 20 year old lady who is determined to change the future of her generation and the upcoming generation. With the little education she has, she was able to secure a casual job of 100dollars per month which is really helping her and her family though it doesn’t provide for everything but at least they can afford a meal a day. This experience made her realize that the only way to end this cycle of poverty is to educate the upcoming generation. Coming from a slum where people can go for weeks without eating or bathing, most of the people here cannot afford to send their children to school. This has resulted to the high crime rate and prostitution.
The organization used to get on quite well until the post election violence rocked their country. Most of the people supporting the project were residents of the neighboring Ayany and Olympic Estates. During the violence these people ran away, their property having being destroyed. The centre was actually in the compound of one of the volunteers and it too got burnt up. The lady on her own could not do much and thus these children are displaced. They have not received any education since for they do not have any place to sit and study. The lady has tried her best at least to provide food for them through borrowing. Still she cannot provide for all of them. This has made most of the children to either go back to begging, stealing or into prostitution. The children supported are orphans of aids and most of the children are subjected to child abuse by their guardians.  Thus, we are calling upon anyone who has got the heart for these children and is willing to support, and see to it that poverty is indeed reduced, to help.
The help we urgently need is:
Acquisition of land where the children can permanently learn without being displaced and construction of classrooms.
The following would be very welcome in addition to any financial donations:
– Bags of rice
– Bags of maize
– Bags of porridge flour
– Bags of maize flour
– Bags of beans
– Bags of dried peas
– Exercise books, pens, pencils
– Toys
– Art and craft materials
– Library books
– Clothes
– Shoes
– School uniforms
– Building materials
– Kitchen equipment
Please do contact us at essymboina@yahoo.com or call the founder, Esther on +254727417495 or +254738776620. THANKS IN ADVANCE AS YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF THESE CHILDREN-GOD BLESS!