It’s so wonderful when people reach out and needs are met. Here’s an email reply that I just received from Sandy Peterson regarding her request for the child in Somaliland. Say a word of thanks with us, won’t you?

letter from Dr. Lim in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia …


Hello Sandy,


As Steve mentioned, I’m an American plastic surgeon living/working full-time in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, not too far from Somaliland.  I moved from St. Paul, MN a few years ago to help start and, now, work at the CURE Ethiopia Children’s Hospital, a charity hospital for children with disabilities.  Our specialty focuses are plastic surgery and orthopedic surgery (as far as surgeons, there’s just me and an American orthopedic surgeon).


I primarily treat children with cleft lip/palate but also will do other reconstructive operations.


This young woman has a very complex deformity, so I’d like to get my “ducks in a row” before having her make the trek to Addis.  I’m quite certain we can help her in Addis; I just need to work out the timing.  Off the top of my head, she’ll need to be prepared to potentially be in Addis for several months.  I don’t think a one stage operation would be best for her.  I suspect she’ll benefit from microsurgery–I’m waiting on a shipping container with an operating microscope (it should be in Djibouti as I write this but can take a few months for us to actually get the contents to the hospital).


The soonest I can have her come to Addis would be later this year or, perhaps, sometime early 2010.   I just arrived in Houston, TX, USA yesterday for a one month visit and will be back in Addis at the end of July.  Should I contact Edna directly to work out the logistics/timing or would it be helpful for me to speak with you on the phone while I’m in the US?


God bless you. Paul