Sandy PetersonSandy Peterson, a friend and colleague affiliated with People’s Hope Hospital featured on our website shared a NY Times article that featured the book Half The Sky. Apparently one of Sandy’s projects, Edna’s Hospital is featured. When I first met Sandy, she had returned from a trip to Somoliland. She shared photos of a village birthing room made of damp and cold concrete and a drain. Sandy’s heart for the women and babies compelled her to do something help Edna’s hospital. She’s a rock star.

Colleen Dear Friend Colleen Leyk agreed early on to organize a group to pray for the needs of the children and for the needs that come up for the organization and projects. She and her group are appreciated very much and the kids are blessed because of their prayers.

Jason Orth, my new acquaintance in Portland, who I met through Twitter, has offered to help with our website! Yeah Jason! The children will be blessed because of your work. You Rock. JH