Cameroon Child You Can Help

Cameroon Child You Can Help

So often I hear people ask me how I know the organizations on my site are who they say they are? That’s a legitimate question and even more so today.

One of the promises I made before embarking on this journey was that I would do everthing possible to ensure that any funds donated would be carefully monitored. We would be the guardian of  funds, so that your donations would go to provide better living conditions for the children.

That means we will visit the sites ourselves and have objective third parties travel to the locations periodically to determine the legitimacy of the organizations and the progress of the projects. Also, as the funds are disbursed, they go to the building project as promised.  This is when the real work begins for us.

We are currently reviewing the  organizations profiled on our site and making sure they are legitimate. We have people who are conducting  on-site visits in order to ensure the children are being cared for properly. 

We will continue our due diligence until we are satisfied that any funds disbursed will be used to provide a better life for the orphans. We are after all doing this for one reason… to bring a smile to the face of a child.