Helping Haiti: Our organization decided toparticipate in the relief effort in Haiti. The need at hand fits our goal of funding projects that serve orphans. We also remained firm that the funds raised over the past year for projects profiled on our site will no be used, but instead we will match funds raised with a recent donation.

We decided to contact organizations that already work in Haiti, Friends of the Orphans based in Chicago. I’ve known this group since last year when I met with Deacon James Hoyt in Arizona. He offered such encouragement, guidance and inspiration to me. His organization has honorably and faithfully served the orphan population in Central America, Mexico and other South America countries for 44 years. My first thought after our meeting was that I wanted to be just like them when we grew up!

In any case, a recent email from them told of their devastation. They not only lost their administration and volunteer housing, but two American international volunteers died in the earthquake. The orphans in their care are sleeping on the street as they determine the damage to the orphanage. We can help them rebuild.

Resources: I also received this information as a resource from my colleague Greg Everson in North Dakota. Please pass it on to any of your nonprofit contacts and especially those helping in Haiti at this time.

Funding A Project: We knew this would be the most difficult part of our mission. Not only have we encountered numerous scams in our efforts to do a good work in the world, we also haven’t raised as much as we’d have liked. So, our first donation will fund a portion of a project in progress. And we are so thankful to those who have donated and who are having patience as we decide. We will keep everyone informed as our decision making process moves forward.

Vision Trip: I am still planning to take a group with me on a Vision Trip this year. Please keep this in the back of your minds as you plan for 2010. There are a variety of places we could go, such as Cameroon in October, Tanzania or Rwanda, India, Uganda, Kenya…well you get the picture.  The list is endless. So, stay tuned.