We were able to be a part of sending $22,640 to Friends of the Orphans to help them in the recovery after the earthquake in Haiti.

Just to recap, after the Haiti earthquake, I received an email communication from Friends of The Orphans detailing damage to their facilities and the death of two volunteers from one of their collapsed buildings. I felt our organization should somehow help them. That same week, a donor asked that his pledged funds be used for efforts in Haiti. Perfect confirmation that we should help.

At the same time, a fundraising match was underway locally in which The Norman C. Skalicky Foundation agreed to match donations for the Haiti relief up to $50,000. This effort was coordinated through our local Central Minnesota Community Foundation. I called them to ask if the foundation would consider adding Friends of the Orphans to their designated charities and they agreed. So, I knew that those pledged funds would double and any amount raised for the Friends of the Orphans would also be doubled.

As it turned out, the effort raised $22,640 for Friends of The Orphans recovery work in Haiti.

According to Merissa Clyde, Child Development specialist out of the Bellevue Friends of the Orphans office, there is expected to be many more children orphaned as a result of the earthquake. Our funds will help them accommodate those children as the dust settles and the rebuilding begins. They will keep me informed as things progress and we are so pleased to be a part of that effort.

How do these things happen?

I have no idea. After a year of fund raising, we had planned on giving a portion to a project that we felt our donors funds could make the most impact. I take this responsibility very seriously, because there is a trust involved in raising funds and distributing them.  The funds given to Friends of the Orphans was over and above what we had raised last year. So our efforts were doubled and funds provided to desperate orphans in need.

We still have funds to distrubute and hope to make a decision in the next few months. We also are partnering with organizations based in the U.S. to help them raise funds for their building projects. We will be resuming our fund raising efforts in the next few months and providing opportunities for volunteer service abroad.