I met Tina after about a year of working on 200 Orphanages. She called me one day excited to introduce herself, expressing disbelief that we could have the same large heart for orphans, live in the same small town and go to the same small church and not even know each other! How could this be? So, we had coffee and shared our visions. We are one in heart and I want to share  her story with you.

There are so many good people in this world doing a good work for the children, it warms my heart. Next month there will be a national orphanage conference in which many of us will be attending. A small group of Minnesota executive directors will attend and meet together to brainstorm and network. We hope to share ideas and resources and be a blessing to each other in our mutual work. The groups that I speak of are: The Orphan Age, The Raining Season, Nibakure Children’s Village, Angel of Mercy, Halo Foundation and 200 Orphanages. I will  invite as many as I know as we need each other in this work.