I love surprises. I received an email just about an hour ago letting me know that more money $3,600.00  has been sent to the Friends of The Orphans for the work on the orphanage in Haiti. The funds came in after the recent Haiti Challenge and lots of the funds were designated to Friends of the Orphans in Haiti. Thank YOU!

Last week I was able to meet with Merissa Clyde with the Bellevue office of Friends of the Orphans. She is such a wonderful person, has a great education and is dedicated to working on behalf of the orphans. She was my second contact with this group and we are now discussing helping them raise funds for a project for the orphans in Bolivia.

Value of Vision Trips

I also learned a bit more about the history of Friends of the Orphans. It appears we have even more in common than I had previously thought. I knew when I met Deacon James Hoyt from the Arizona group that there was a kindred spirit. Now, I understand more. It seems that each location of Friends of The Orphans started independently with international volunteers who spent time with the orphans in various countries. They came back changed and wanted to do more for the orphanages. So, they each started their own work trying to raise fund and awareness…(sound familiar?)  Not too long ago, they all got together and decided to merge into one group called Friends of the Orphans…SO COOL! 

So, the value of an international volunteer trip cannot be underestimated. It often serves as a catalyst  for doing  more to help the most vulnerable in our world. And… we come to learn…we can’t do it all, but we can all do something!

We plan to provide many trips this year with our partner organizations and will be getting more information on this in the next few months. There will be trips to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cameroon, Rwanda, Peru or any of the locations of Friends of the Orphans, one recent one is to Honduras. The trips details will be announced over the next few months along with information on each.

Please consider going. You will touch the lives of many people if you do.