I was honored to have lunch with Juan Jose, one of the orphans cared for by NPH in Guatemala. NPH is the group that Friends of the Orphans supports. Juan has been living Minnesota this past attending his final year of school. Jim Hoyt, director of Friends in Arizona invited me to lunch and I got to hear Juan’s story.

I am encouraging this impressive young man to write his story for others to be encouraged. His is a story of hope. Juan was born into a violent alcoholic family and when he was a boy he was kicked out of his home and made to survive on the streets. Imagine there are thousands just like him all over the world. These were horrible times for him and he had lost all hope of anyone caring for him. He can barely speak of those times. But, God found him miraculously. He was taken off the streets and brought into the NPH family. Today Juan is an example of what unconditional love can do for a child left with no hope. Juan has a dream to help other children like himself to live better lives. He blessed me greatly with his story.

We can’t do it all, but we can all do something: My girlfriend lives in Colorado and now and again I am able to visit and she graciously lets me and my two large German Shepherds stay the night. She told me she asked her local grocer what they do with all the week old fruit on the day new fresh fruit came in. They told her they discarded it. Threw it in the garbage. Well, she would have none of that. She asked if she could have it and they said yes. She cleaned it up and served it to her guest. Me. Frankly it was juicey, ripe and delicious. This continued for a few months until one day they told her that they wouldn’t be giving her any more fruit. Someone decided that instead of giving the perfectly good fruit away to her, they would give it to the homeless shelter! My friend was delighted, no longer was the fruit wasted, it was now being given to those in need. I am blessed to be her friend. She’s doing things to make the world a better place. Also, she emailed me the other day and said their garage sale made enough money to fund two semesters of the World Vision Child they sponsor! How cool is that!

If we all did just a little bit, imagine the difference it might make in the world. What is your something?