When I started this journey in late 2007, I  wanted to help organizations build projects to better serve orphans in their care.

We can’t do it all, but we can all do something”

By the end of June, we have directly and indirectly impacted the lives of 300+ orphans in 3 countries and two continents!  Our donors participated in providing almost $40,000 to organizations with building projects that better serve orphans. And now we are committed to funding two security fences, one in Uganda and one in Rwanda.  The fences bring security, and are like arms of love  surrounding vulnerable orphan children.

 Uganda: Donations are building a fence around the Bukesa Home for boys in Uganda.  This project came to us through Halo Foundation based in Kansas City. Halo Foundation is one of our partner organizations and the home in Uganda provides a sanctuary for boys who have been abandoned or living on the streets. It was in desperate need of a fence so the boys could have security, but also so they could raise chickens for their own livelihood. Our small part helps these children provide food for themselves and others, giving hope and resources to move beyond the poverty they have come to know so well.

 Rwanda: Your donations are providing shelter and care for widows and orphans affected by the horrors of Genocide. We also are committed to funding the security fence for Nibakure Children’s Village in Rwanda. Three homes are now built and we are funding the security fence surrounding the project. The plan is to house 10 orphans by the end of the year. There is much to be done, such as funding a water supply and raising operating funds, but hopefully by the end of the year, 10 children will have a safe home to call their own.

 NEXT FUNDING GOAL: Cameroon: The orphans suffering with HIV/AIDS are getting some relief because of Angel of Mercy U.S.A. Our next goal is to help Relindis Moffor originally from Cameroon. She lives and works in Oakdale MN and has built a team of dedicated staff who daily work in Cameroon to help the HIV/AIDS orphans. Her organization: Angel of Mercy USA, provides daily medical care and education for these little ones. Her dream is to provide a orphanage for those children who are living on the streets or in squalor. We can help her help them by providing funds to start a building for shelter and care for 40 HIV/AIDS orphans.

Travels: If you’ve done any reading on the horrors of the Rwandan Genocide, you can’t help but be  moved with rage and sadness. Floriane has a vision to rebuild the foundation in the next generation. Floriane’s vision for the village will provide widows an opportunity to work by caring for the young ones left orphans because of the Genocide. Her work is laying a foundation of hope for a better life for a whole generation. I will be traveling to Rwanda with Floriane Brown to help build the security fence around the complex. I will send updates on our progress.

 While in Rwanda, I hope to visit another orphanage with a young man who lives in Minnesota. Alex was an orphan, and his extended family was hunted down and slaughtered as were so many others in the Genocide of 1994.  These horrors are part of his past, but he’s helping build hope and faith in his countryman as part of their future. I hope to spend time with him in Rwanda learning about his vision for his country.

I will share more on this journey on this blog: www.200orphanages.wordpress.com and on www.twitter.com/janhan while I am away.