This journey for the Orphans has been a delight in so many ways. Not only am I able to give  my hands and heart to the orphans in the world, I have met some of the most wonderful people in the world.

Meet Rick Barley:  We met through New Hope Africa, an orphanage in Uganda that applied to be on our website. He has been on my mailing list since, but only recently connected. Now, he serves on our board because there’s a connection between our two nonprofits. His group East Africa Metamorphosis Project   helps orphanages and villages alike become self sufficient. Each of our profiled organizations need his expertise and we hope to work together to help the orphanages develop long term sustainability.


Meet Alex: I get to meet with Alex while in Rwanda next week. Alex is an orphan, but loved by many it appears. He’s taking a group of college students from Minnesota to Rwanda….coincidently, the same time I am going… (!!!) Read more about Alex here… I hope to learn more about the orphans and those that serve them in Rwanda and have apparently found someone to help!


Prosper From Uganda: I have recieved a variety of applications on our site lately. Like usual, people do a search and find me thinking they can get money for their needs. I don’t mind at all, it first of all keeps me in touch with the growing desperation and poverty in our world, and it also allows me opportunity meet people like Prosper. (I just like saying the name!) Prosper called me and has been sharing his burden. I am not sure we can help, but I plan to be in touch with him. He’s got a wonderful vision and will do mighty things for the children of war and poverty.

I will be sharing stories and photos as I travel along, please follow my trip and if you are so moved, help us help them!