Well, a lot, that’s what! 

The trip to Rwanda made me see just how much even a little bit of effort can do for orphans in need. The smiles on the faces of the volunteers say it best. There is such joy in serving, it’s evident all around.

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The time spent also affirmed in me the vision in helping those who are on the ground making a difference day to day in the lives of the orphans. The work often has a ripple effect and lives all around are touched. Lives are touched, such as the children who live around the village received the new T Shirts my sister Cheryl Ryan bought for them from Target; and the woman’s coopertive happened to be meeting and we stopped to ask what they were doing. It just so happened our latest board member Rick Barkley, executive director with East Africa Metamorphosis Project, has the resources to help them with a business venture. Whole familes can be helped. This is the ripple effect of the  joy of service.

There is so much to do now, as we prepare to spread the word about our work for the orphans. We plan to continue providing support as we can to Nibakure Children’s Village until the project is complete. In addition, Angel of Mercy is planning a building project, and we hope to help provide housing for orphans in her care with HIV/AIDS. I also am hoping to work to raise funds for projects in India.

Please consider joining me in Cameroon early next year. Stay tuned for more information!