Look at this! Here’s a more recent photo of the fence we funded and help build in Rwanda for the orphans! The gazebo funded by Villanova University is also taking shape. Yipee!

On a serious note: After my trip to Rwanda, the stories of the Genocide were disturbing. Those events were unspeakable and no one has answers to the whys of that period in history. What I took home with me was the concept of national forgiveness. My sister happened to read a story in the Minneapolis Tribune published while I was in Rwanda about yet another Minnesota couple that travels to Rwanda twice a year to bring “Forgiveness Training” to the people of Genocide. Reverand Arthur Rounder and his wife Molly founded the Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation. Forgiveness in Rwanda is a national policy in order to achieve reconciliation among people left with the affects of the genocide… those who commited atrocities and the victims of atrocities. Forgiveness heals…and it works.

Ok, the peanuts. I bought 7 kilos of peanuts from the Women Cooperative and brought them home. I didn’t know what to do with them, so I tried roasting a few in my oven. Delicious. I think they could sell those peanuts to people like me and make some real cash! I’m just sayin’.