In all activities of this past year including traveling to build the fence in Rwanda, handing out donated items to the children, helping the woman’s cooperative in Rwanda, our mission couldn’t be more clear:

We exist to  raise funds and awareness for building projects to better serve orphans.  Here’s an example of why we do what we do! I just received a video from an organization in India seeking our help. One look at the face of these orphans inspires me to do something more. Just a little bit helps these children that have so little.

To that end, we’re working on three primary fund raisers next year in Minnesota and hope to eventually have similar events in other cities, particularly Arizona. Lori Fuchs, a very effective board member has inspired me to build on the events we’ve already started… she’s heading up our 3rd 5 K in February and I am hosting a small house to house event to mobilize local supporters…

2nd Annual Fast & Furious Silent Auction 

Next year’s fund raisers will be a Charity 5K in February, A Golf Tournament in June and an International Culinary Event and Art Auction in November. Lucia, a good friend, just stopped over and she offered her help in organizing the Culinary Event…We are excited and looking for more bodies to help! 

Another direction is to encourage your gardening friends to have house parties for products featured on this website. We recieve 40% of the profits sold, so if you have a $500 party, the orphans get $200. That means 10 friends need to spend $50 on items for gifts or their own garden. What do you think?

We have our work cut out for us! But, it’s clear people are catching the vision to to get involved and DO SOMETHING!

For the Children!