Our 9th Grandchild came into the world yesterday. I often think of how blessed I am to have children and grandchildren, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, parents and even a 97 year old grandmother to love. I am humbled by such richness. And, in turn I have so much to give. This is just one more  reason I am doing what I can to help bring comfort to the orphans who don’t have anything resembling this kind of love and family. 

The staff  at the orphanages we work with are family to the orphans. They do the best they can providing for the children and it means so much. When I was given a tour of the Gisime Orphanage in Rwanda by Alex, a former resident there, I asked him to show me his favorite places so I could photograph them. He walked outside and saw the “mums” congregating before work. He said, “My favorite are the mums who cared for me.”

I was able to photograph the  women who cook, clean, dry tears, bandage scrapes and bruises. They are home to the orphans.

 A God Meeting. You know what these are…we call them lots of things, divine appointments, coincidents…it seems like I have a  lot of these lately, like meeting Alex before traveling to Rwanda and coming upon the Women’s Cooperative on the way to  Nibakure Children’s Village.

Another one happend the other day. Tina Schmidt, executive director with The Raining Season (Sierra Leone)  had been on my heart so I tried to find time that worked to meet. It just wasn’t going to happen. Instead God pulled a few strings. I ran into her at Starbucks (almost literally) as I was waiting for my husband who was at the shop next door. We were able to spend about 10 minutes catching up, encouraging each other and loving on each other a bit. God meetings are so much better, and shorter too! 

Please enjoy the video of the women we met coincidently along the road on the way to the NCV…The women are shown dancing for joy and thanksgiving here for God bringing help their way and answering their prayers!  You can hear Floriane laughing in the background with joy.