We ‘re Helping Them Help Them!

In 2010, we are doing exactly what we set out to do, which is to help existing organizations build projects that better serve orphans. We’ve helped orphans in Haiti, Uganda and Rwanda. I just got word that the building has been released from customs in Haiti after five months…. for Haiti Outreach Mission.  So the work there continues. We will get photos soon of what we funded.

For 2011, I’ve identified four initial projects with managable fund raising  amounts for people to consider. Click here for the project descriptions and consider doing something…any amount helps a lot…Each week I recieve multiple applications from organizations that need help. We can’t do it all, but we can all do something. What’s yours something?

What exactly do you do here?

Each day is a new adventure and I couldn’t be more pleased with those who have responded to the call to help us help them provide housing for orphans. In a few weeks, my nephew is playing November 19 at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis MN and he’s arranged for me to talk to his vast audience and fans about the orphan work we do. He’s donating much of the proceeds to the projects, so thank you Jordie! I’m dusting off my dancing shoes! Lori Fuchs with Gold’s Gym has started organizing for the Spring Fever Walk/Run and Raffle, February 26th at Gold’s Gym in Sartell MN.

Also, Heidi Steadman, with Visual Arts Minnesota, John Haloway and Shari Whalin with Big Brother’s Big Sisters in St. Cloud Minnesota are working with us on a Children’s Art Sale for the Spring and helping organize an Orphan Art Exchange. I have others helping with a golf tournament in June and yet another is planning a Cocktail Dinner Party for a cause in January. Yet another friends wants to do a Brazilian Cuisine night. So, there… if you want to participate in any of these events, or hold your own, email me. We will work with you and your group to get things moving.

I’ve met with the College of St. Benedicts Service Learning director Marah Schulte who is helping me get connected with people who can help us make an impact for the orphans. Charlene Sul and Kerstine Herda with our local Rotary is helping me with grant applications to Rotary International for projects. Fred Cornforth is working with Carly Ward to organize an International Orphan Conference in Boise for 2012.

If you are reading this and want to mobilize your own in any of these events in another city or state, go for it. We can get you started.

In the meanwhile, NCV is hosting their annual fundraiser in Minneapolis. If you can attend, please do. I plan to be there. Relindis is working on her plans for the orphanage so we can figure out how you can help fund the home in stages. So, it looks like it’s a busy time of year. I’m also getting an end of the year appeal out to local Chamber members and those on my email contact lists.

It feels good to spend time on helping the orphans, don’t you think? Just do something… it all matters!

For the Children,