We could all use a little break, don’t you think?  Well, I know I could. That’s why I am hoping all of my friends and family will come to spend some time with the Young Professionals… at the Fine Line Music Cafe Friday 8:30 p.m. or so.

I will be there…with my shiny dancin’ shoes. My nephew Jordan Hanson, famous and talented drummer, is allowing  a few minutes before the concert to talk about the Angel of Mercy USA  Cameroon Orphanage Project at their debut. So, of course I invited all my friends to this happenin’ venue!

And lucky for you there’s still time to clear your calendar, text your friends, line up that hot date or whatever you want and come join the fun. The proceeds of their concert will go to the project and another MN nonprofit…So, not only are they talented their generous too! Ages 21 and over I guess.

I will be have armbands  and Christmas Cards designed by orphans from India available for a small donation.

100% of  proceeds are going toward our effort in 2011 to help build an orphange in Cameroon for HIV/AIDS orphans with Angel of Mercy USA.  This Minnesota based nonprofit serves children whose parents have died from HIV/AIDS.  Relindis Moffor originally from Cameroon is the executive director. She lives in Oakdale, MN.

Some of the orphans in her care have HIV/AIDS and need medical care which they provide. The community has an increasing number of orphans from parents who have died from AIDS and malaria. One example is a 6 year old child who lives with a cousin who is also an orphan and is 23 years old. The child just started elementary school with support from Angel of Mercy. They live in a mud house with 2 rooms and have no drinking water or toilet. Angel of Mercy currently supports them with educational, health needs, and food supplies. The village is approximately 10 miles from the main town in Bamenda, Cameroon. We have approximately 4 acres of land, near lots of vegetation, close to church,a health center, and a school. We desire to build a 16,200 square foot courtyard style facility with single level bedroom building, 4 children to a room with shower and toilet, a staff room, a central storage, kitchen, office, and laundry building. 

We can’t do it all, but we can all do something! So, little by little we can make things happen.

So, thank you for helping brighten the lives of orphans in Cameroon! Thank you Jordan and all the Young Professionals for allowing us to share! Thank you Fine Line and Thanks everyone for coming out for Jordan’s Debut…

You Rock!