I am dedicating this message to my Grandmother Ethel Skalicky who passed away in November at the age of 97. I have been blessed to have her in my life these many years. She enriched my life and now it’s my turn. I am a grandmother 9 times, almost 10 and am again enriched! 

As I flew to Washington State to visit three of my 9 grandchildren for Thanksgiving, I told a little Russian lady next to me that I was going to be with my three grandchildren. She replied in a thick Russian accent, “You are rich.”  She’s so right. I have the blessing of a large loving family and I am ever grateful. This is part of why I am invested in helping orphans who have been left alone in this world with so little, by way of family and material things. I can do something to help them.

I also hope to provide opportunities for you to be involved in something greater than yourself. So often organizations only have funds for day to day operations. Our vision is to come along side them and help provide funding for building projects. We are blessed, rich if you will, and it is an honor to help orphans have a roof over their head.

We’ve done much this year and continue to build a strong foundation in order to fund projects, like the Haiti orphanages, the Rwanda and Uganda fencing. We are excited about the work we’ve done this year.

Our plan in 2011 is to continue helping all of our partner organizations. One primary project is to help Angel Of Mercy USA, based in Oakdale MN, build housing for HIV/AIDS orphans in Cameroon. The executive Director Relindis Moffor lives in MN, and works with HIV/AIDS orphans in Cameroon. Her dream is to provide a stable environment with loving and skilled caregivers. The project itself will take a minimum of $50,000. We are hoping to help as much as we can to give her a good start next year. We are working on fund raisers, vision trips, grants with Rotary International.  You will be hearing more about how you can help through the following events in the next couple of weeks.


  • February 26: Spring Fever Charity Run & Raffle (Gold’s Gym Sartell)
  • June  (1st Annual Golf Tournament & Silent Auction)  
  • Art Teach and Sale (Date not set)

 In the meanwhile, we received some artwork from a group of orphans at DAYA Orphanage India and have designed Christmas Cards and Thank You cards that you can purchase.  We will be creating other items to purchase online created by orphans with proceeds going partially to them , but mostly to a building project.

 You can purchase the cards pictured here for $5 each and the wrist band.  The children will receive some of the funds, and the rest will be put aside for the Cameroon Project. EMAIL YOUR ORDER.

Remember, 100% of your donations goes to the orphanages.  Thank you for all you do. Wishing you and yours a safe and blessed Holiday Season and a Prosperous 2011.