Christmas came way too fast this year and well, it’s almost time to wrap it up… sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Christmas for me is a time of reflection, wonder and miracles.

In reflection, I have taken encouragement through the year as I  hammer away at our mission, forging ahead, stepping back, tearing down, rebuilding, moving things around, filling in the spaces and standing back to see what’s left standing. 

Building is not easy, it never is. I often think if I work harder, if I just push that huge stone up that huge hill…  I can do it, I must do it. If I just did a little more… that’s when I start to feel that familiar tap on my shoulder.

And then, one morning during prayer, the vision for the orphans loomed large, ominous and foreboding, I stumbled on a verse in Zechariah: “It’s not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord. And further on the builder of the Temple was exhorted to “Not despise the day of small things.”  so there you have it. There’s the wonder of it all.

It’s amazing how a word of encouragement can break up the darkness that tends to settle in at times. And that’s just the nature of building the dream of funding safe shelter for the orphans. 

Our last order of business is the miracle that we are able to do something to help the orphans in this world. We have agreed to fund a partner project in Tanzania’s request for flooring in their girl’s orphanage. We also decided to give a  donation to East Africa Metamorphosis Project for microfinancing seed money for the women’s cooperative Rwanda.

We still have funds available, and hope to replace those  used with fresh lively dollars through gifts, grants and fundraisers in 2011. Our primary project is to help build the orphanage in Cameroon this year.

Watch for our plans this coming year. Maybe you can decide that 2011 is the year you will be a part of an orphan’s life somehow! In the meanwhile, may the wonder and miracle of Christmas fill your hearts this year.