I feel a bit out of breath after last year. 2010 felt like our first real year of activity fulfilling our mission. We not only funded building projects to better serve orphans, I traveled to Rwanda and helped build the fence, plus we made great strides adding to our network and to our board of directors.

Our partners make me so proud. 

Floriane Brown: We helped her build a fence around Phase One of Nibakure Children’s Village and now she’s working on taking in her first orphans this year.  She’s hired an onsite administrator and relentlessly builds day by day. I know one day I will travel to see her active little village filled with children who have hope for a better future.  

Rebecca Welch with Halo Foundation continues her persistence and building an organization that helps bring health and wholeness to orphans through art. Her Art Therapy mission touches children in the U.S., Central America and Africa. Rebecca’s work recently got the attention of CBS News. They covered her work in “The American Spirit Documentary.”

And then there’s Relindis Moffor, executive Director with Angel of Mercy U.S.A. Not only is she a great person, her work helping improve the life of AIDS/HIV orphans in her home country of Cameroon consumes her. She can’t do enough. Last August she traveled the countryside of Cameroon testing and providing medical care for those suffering with HIV/AIDS.  She marches on and now we’re helping her build an orphanage that will provide stable, consistent care for 40 sick orphans.

I could also mention Chris Gates with Janada Batchelor Foundation with their work in Tanzania. He recently recieved recognition in which he explained his holistic approach to educating the orphans in his care, teaching their value as human beings on this earth.  We were able to help the work there provide flooring for their project.  And I will also mention Rick Barclay with East Africa Metamorphosis Project and his work helping individuals improve their lives with micro loans. He just got back from Uganda and I will update you on his work there.

So, there you go. I just wanted to share this short update. Each one has stepped out of their comfort zone, and given beyond their means to help those who have less than them. I am honored to know them and blessed to serve them.

Next blog: Our new board and our fundraising plans for 2011.

For the Children,