The Spring Fever 5K Charity Run and Raffle was held last Saturday and it was as promised cold outside. But, we expected that as it is February in Minnesota! I was again so amazed at the people that came out and how much fun everyone seemed to be having… I don’t think their smiles were frozen on their faces, but I could be wrong.  Actually, it was clear that everyone was really enjoying themselves. Relindis, executive director with Angel of Mercy USA in Cameroon came and brought her friend and their kids.  The adults bundled up and walked with everyone and the kids ran 3 miles inside. They were so happy to be involved as we are helping her with her project. We had a group drive down from International Falls, we had a group from Weight Fusion in Waite Park and all sorts of people join us. Most stayed for the raffle and bought tickets ahead of time to help us raise more for the project.

We ended up with about 40 die hard runners and walkers and we raised some initial funds to help Angel of Mercy USA.  Lori our race coordinator did a great job, organizing the race and putting the raffle together. I know she does it with a heart to help the orphans who have so little and that blesses me so. And, thank you Rusty Gold’s Gym for making it a great day. What blesses me so much is these volunteers are busy people with young children of their own. I can’t help but think that they know there are children in the world that don’t have a warm loving home to call their own. This act of love from Lori and all the Gold’s Gym staff touches my heart. And all of us know that we can’t do it all, but we can all do something. And we are excited to do it again! Next Year: February 27, 2012. Mark your calendars! 

SERvice TO MANkind Award: On Dec. 31,  2010 I got a call from John Schroeder with the Sertoma Club in St. Cloud. He told me that he had nominated me for the club’s SERvice TO MANkind Award and that I was chosen to recieve it this year! What a great honor. I was so touched mostly because the work we are involved in has struck a chord in the hearts of those who serve others. I consider the St. Cloud Sertoma Club partners in our efforts to help the orphan…they have been cheering me on all along.   
I would like to put a plug in for the club also.
They do a great work in the community and I am so proud that they consider me worthy to be recognized among them. Also, you can join their group. You will be among many like minded professionals who are interested in being of Service To Mankind.