Donations of Any Amount Are Welcome.

Great News… Preparations are underway for a Giving Trip to Cameroon in September to get started building the orphanage.

A group of about 6 volunteers contacted me and we are all making preparations to not only raise funds, but gather necessities such as shoes and schools supplies for our trip over. We have big plans, but know that flexibility is key! The volunteers are all friends and they’re excited to be a part of Angel of Mercy’s orphanage!

Once in Cameroon, we’ll do a site visit, meet the staff and community leaders. I plan to attend a Rotary Meeting while there and we might even get to harvest crops, maybe help clear the land for the well and the project. We’ll meet with the architect and contractors. We also plan to do some work with the kids at the school, making their lives a little brighter!

If you can’t travel with us, donations of any amount will help get the project built. If you donate online, select the Angel of Mercy Project and your donations will fund:

  • The well that will serve as irrigation for crops, water for construction and the orphanage water supply
  • The architect fees
  • The initial clearing of the land
  • The foundation and structure to be built before next rainy season

This is really getting exciting! I will keep you posted on all developments.

For the Children,

Jan Hanson