So, you may get tired of hearing about my passion to raise funds to build safe shelter for orphans.  But, recently I have learned I am not alone. There are others out there like me who decided one day to do something. The catalyst was different, but we all have the same heart.


Meet my new friend: Christina Aiken-Yulfo

I was introduced to Christina by way of the World Wide Web along with a group of  women who found our website while seeking to use their talents and gifts to change the life of an orphan. You heard from Monique last post and about the spark that started her to take action was simple comments from her nephew at Christmas.

Christina has a dream. She wants to use her architectural skills to design an orphanage. Well, she’s going to be able to do much of that for Angel of Mercy. In her words now:

 “I am truly excited about the opportunity to go to Cameroon and fulfill a lifelong dream of building an orphanage for the children of the Angels of Mercy organization. Helping children with HIV/AIDS in a way that will greatly improve their quality of life is an awesome responsibility that I commend the organization for and am grateful to be a part of. As a Christian,  it humbles me to be able to be salt and light to these children. I am eagerly anticipating the trip to Bamenda, Cameroon to set the groundwork for designing and  building a new orphanage.

 When I was about 13 or 14 years old, I was inspired to design, build and operate an orphanage. My rudimentary plan was simply a layout of dormitory and classroom building however, the vision I had resonated with me and put me on a path to where I am today. Architecture has provided me with a platform to address my social concerns for issues such as low-income housing, urban redevelopment and cultural communities. Providing a space that creates an experience and improves the quality of life for the inhabitants is a challenge that I have given myself as a architectural designer.

The dream I had nearly 20 years ago waned over the years however this orphanage project has reignited the passion in me and I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of such a life changing endeavor.”

Thank you Christina! The children in Cameroon will be blessed because of your dream.