I was introduced to a young boy in Cameroon named Precious through Relindis Moffor, “Angel of Mercy” USA director. I asked Relindis to have the children in her care draw their hand art for me during one of her trips there, and I am blessed to have one from Precious.

Precious lived in the Village where the orphanage is to be built. He was about my grandson’s age, so seeing his photo about a year and a half ago and learning about his story touched my heart deeply. It made me realize the work I am doing makes a difference in the lives of children like Precious.

I learned he was a sick boy and under the care of the “Angel of Mercy” staff. He suffered with HIV/AIDS; his parents were infected and passed away. Precious lived with relatives, they did what they could, but they had very little to help him.  Angel of Mercy stepped in to provide for his medical, nutritional and educational needs. They became his extended family. He was so excited to finally have a home once the orphanage was built.

 Precious is not the only child living in poverty and disease; sadly, there are so many and really so few of us who know about them and their needs.

A few weeks ago, May 29th 2011, I learned that Precious had passed away.  It saddened me as I am traveling to Cameroon in September with a group of volunteers. We are helping raise funds to build the orphanage Precious was to call his home. I won’t get to meet him, and he won’t see the building that would have been his home.  He is my poster child of orphans that we are helping.

“Angel of Mercy” USA has a staff of medical personnel caring for the day to day needs of children just like Precious; such as Una, Emmanuel, Sandra, and Jenabou. These are the children of “Angel of Mercy”.

They are all Precious to me.

Today, I am even more inspired and motivated to see the children have a place they can call home, a safe shelter where caring people provide for them daily. Helping Angel of Mercy meet the needs of the children who have no one else really makes a difference.

Please help us help them! It’s not only about donating money. You can help us help them by simply telling your friends about what we’re trying to do. You could host a fund raiser. You could travel with us to haul block, move brush, pull fence. 

We can’t do it all, but we can all do something.