Danielle Lewis goes to school in Phoenix. She and I met through Monique Aiken her friend from Houston. She’s one of the three women mobilizing the Angel of Mercy fund raisers and Giving Trip. There are now 8 travelers who are making their way to Cameroon to help build the orphanage for 40 HIV/AIDS orphans.

Here’s Danielle’s story:

“Since I was in High School I have always had 2 dreams; to work with people who have HIV/AIDS and a desire to take a trip to Africa.  This root of my passion comes from finding out that the person that studied the Bible with me had AIDS.  For years she didn’t know because she was happily married and didn’t know she was at risk.  

My desire to go to Africa comes from seeing it as such a beautiful continent that is going through so much.  Africa is one of many places that a little bit of strategic help can make a drastic difference is many peoples lives.  Who knew that simply putting a wall up around an orphanage in Rwanda would make the children there feel so much more secure.

I never in a million years thought I would have the opportunity to fulfill both of my dreams at the same time. On several occasions I approached teachers, non-profits, and doctors about how I could make my dreams come true. For years I was either turned away or I didn’t feel comfortable with the projects that were presented to me. Until now.

When I first met with Jan Hanson who is the founder of 200 Orphanages Worldwide I knew this was the perfect project for me. It is very important to me that the projects I get involved with be SUSTAINABLE. I also appreciate being able to help non-profits that involve people who are trying to give back to their home countries. Bamendas Orphans project encompasses all of these important objectives.

My goal is to be able to use Naturopathic Medicine along with the treatments that are currently being used to help improve the lives of the Orphans in Bamenda, Cameroon. I feel blessed that I will be apart of this project from it’s inception. I am so glad that the wait payed off.  I firmly believe that everything happens when it is supposed to happen.”

I met Danielle in Arizona and she’s working between finals and studies to raise funds for the orphanage. She invited Relindis Moffor, executive director with Angel of Mercy and I to speak at her school.

Since then, she’s organized a Pet Beauty Contest and it was a great success, then she had an informational fund raiser at a Poetry Night Open Mic. She hopes to expand her Pet Beauty Contest this August. Her dreams are coming true.  And soon the children’s dreams will come true as well. 

Thank you Danielle! For the children!