I am in Houston. It felt like it was a dry run packing for September’s Cameroon on this week’s trip to Houston for the Evening with the Angels.

I packed one suitcase for one week, and loaded up my Nikon Camera Backpack with the trusty Nikon, Computer, IPOD and all the accessories…chords, etc. etc…The dry run proved the suitcase could have some slosh room for items such as finger paints for the children and T shirts, maybe shoes. I pack light, so I hope to bring one extra suitcase filled with goodies for the kids.

I have to say I am excited beyond belief to meet my newly made friends from Houston, NYC, Charlotte Washington D.C… these women are putting on a great event on behalf of Angels of Mercy.  Monique has arranged for us to speak on the local NPR station tomorrow morning, we will attend  a local Rotary meeting and then start setting up for the event. Relindis will come in tomorrow and she’s excited as well to meet her newfound friends. 

These women have touched me deeply. They are making things happen for children they have never met. I just talked to Monique and she said she now has 50+ items for the auction….  There will be an African drummer, great food, stories and more.

I am just so happy that Monique found 200 Orphanages and adopted Angel of Mercy! My heart is full.