Monique Aiken, one of our supporters from Houston contacted the local public radio station KUHF  in Houston to talk about the Evening with the Angels. Reporter Bill Stamp called  and we did an interview Friday.


Also: I met Monique in person for the first time today, after months of phone conversations and what a delight!

We also went to  Memorial Spring Branch Rotary Club and were able to introduce ourselves and talk about the fund raiser. A few people requested invites afterwards. What a great club, by the way.

Monique is excited now for her first fund raiser for the project, she and her team have rounded up more than 60 items for the silent auction, not to mention raffle and door prizes, an African Drummer, top of the line food…Ok, I said it once before,  just stay out of her way! These women are serious about building that orphanage!

Relindis arrives tonight, Christina tomorrow and she’s bringing the plan sketch with her…