You’ve met Monique, Danielle and Christina. Now let me introduce Leo Pelekh, co founder of Hey Guy, a NYC indie band. Monique shared her passion  in our cause with Leo and couldn’t help himself. He had to do something too.

Leo and his brother Boris along with Hey Guy founded Rock Good, a charitable organization with a mission to galvanize indie rockers to use their talent for good causes. The primier Rock Good concert event brings together the talents of seven local indie rock acts to the Knitting Factory and with participation of Q104.3 FM radio station aims to raise money for House of Precious and 200 Orphanages Worldwide.

Leo was born in Moscow Russia, one of two children, where he enjoyed a privileged upbringing by soviet standards, he said. “I was sent to some of Moscow’s best schools to study violin and was groomed for a life of a musical prodigy.” Leo performed at a few notable concerts while still at a very young age.

After the Pelekh family immigrated to the United States, Leo needed to provide for his family. He let go of some of his musical dreams and ambitions and pursued a degree in technology at NYU. In the transition, Leo pursued charity work, organizing toy and book drives, distributing food for the homeless and volunteering computer programming work. It did his heart good to do something more for those less fortunate. 

Now he has come full circle. Most recently, Boris and Leo founded Hey Guy, the energetic textured rock act and enjoy some prominence on the NYC indie rock scene, Leo said. He has combined his gifts and talents and formed a high technology consulting business and a record label Naughty Brains Records with the primary purpose of giving life to his brother’s art. And he’s not forgotten the sense of purpose he drew from participating in charitable causes. Now combining his passions, Rock Good was born.

After hearing about the children with HIV/AIDS, and especially Precious, who died before having a home to call his own, Leo mobilized his friends to do a Charity Concert. Now, we are working together to build an orphanage so children like Precious won’t pass into the next life without a home of their own.They may be orphaned, but they are not forgotten! Watch this video to hear from Relindis Moffor, executive director of Angel of Mercy

 Thanks Monique! Thanks Leo! Thanks everyone! See you at the Concert!

For the children.