My dear friend Floriane Brown returned from Nibakure Children’s Village, Rwanda. After a summer of interviewing and taking in children, they now have 16 orphans to care for. She’s back in the states with her family.

Here are a few stories of the children Floriane has taken in.

One 11 year old girl was orphaned by both parents.   She is in second year of primary school.  She does well at school, her favorite food is rice and she loves to dance. Another, 13 year old, was orphaned by both parents, her father left her with a benefactor family when she was two. She hasn’t any relation with her caregivers.  At school she is 7th in her class.  Another group of 3 siblings was orphaned as both parents passed away recently (from HIV). They are joyful still and do very well at school.  These children were cared for by an elder sister prior to coming to Nibakure. There is another sibling group of boys abandoned by their parents after returning from a refugee camp in Uganda. Each one is settling into their new home. 

The stories of these children will now change. They will have hope and a future.

I am amazed, touched and moved beyond words at the wonderful work Floriane is doing in her country.  As one of our partners,  there isn’t anything more fulfilling than seeing the faces of the children now in her care! I am sure there will be adjustments, but the children will be well cared for, educated and have warm food daily. What joy!

I noted in the photos she shared the fence in the background. It wasn’t much, but we provided the initial funds so there would be a sense of safety for the staff and children. This is a small thing, but it made a difference.

We can’t do it all, but we can all do something! I am very proud to be associated with Floriane Brown and NVC.