We had a conference call this morning with our Giving Trip Team and my heart is so filled with joy. Each one of us is as motivated as ever to continue the work raising funds to build the orphanage for the children in Cameroon. We hope to break ground in November…yes next month. Christina is finishing the plans for Phase One and will have a rendering for us soon. This plan is off to the architect for new estimates.

Now that we’ve been there, we’ve seen. There is a great sense of urgency to complete the work set before us. Dietra and Monique, Danielle and Magda, Isabelle and well all of us, have plans for fund raisers for the project. We are getting the word out, with much fervor, making artistic greeting cards and t shirts from the finger paintings of the first children who will reside in the home. We have plans to make quilts of the African Fabric and art work to raise funds … Lots and Lots of ideas! Each one is as enthusiastic and motivated as ever.

People from all across the U.S. are hearing and doing. Meet Carly Ward:

People with a heart for orphans are doing what they can. Remember: We can’t do it all, but we can all do something!

Our co founder Fred Cornforth introduced us to Carly Ward from Boise Idaho who is working with the local school districts to incorporate international philanthropy to the kids.

She’s introducing our Adopt a Project concept and finding classrooms and schools to adopt one of the 200 Orphanage Worldwide projects. Her vision is to have kids help the kids!  Our local Boys and Girls Club is getting involved as well. Very exciting stuff and we’ll keep you posted if you want to have your school involved.

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