Tomorrow we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a unique holiday to our nation. We take the third Thursday of November to thank God for his blessings and we eat a lot! It’s usually a family celebration when we express our gratitude for each other, our nation, its blessings and its unique place in the world. 

On my last visit to NYC, two taxi drivers, one a Muslim from Bangladesh and one a Nigerian expressed their gratitude for America. The man from Bangladesh, living here for 17 years, worried over our nation’s  economic troubles. He told me he talked with his brother who still lives in Bangladesh the night before exchanging ideas on how to help our economy. He added, “Anyone who wants to see America fail is wrong. Who would help the world if America goes down? No other wealthy country on earth gives to the poor like America.”

The Nigerian man, here for 16 years, told me about the opportunities he’s had here, allowing him able to support his family here and back home.  Both men and their loved ones have been blessed by America’s bounty and have benefited from the generosity America.
For me, and many of you, the blessings of America come with a somber call to gratitude and good stewardship. We don’t take these blessings for granted. This Thanksgiving it’s with a humble heart I give thanks. As many Americans, I honor and acknowledge our nation’s bounty are a gift from God. And knowing that, I intentionally cultivate a generous heart. So,  be blessed, hug your loved ones, your children and grandchildren, live generously and most of all…give thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.