Raffle Quilt Made With Fabric From Cameroon

 The first month of 2012 came and went. How did that happen?

 Life has kept me busy! Just days into the new year, my daughter had complications in her pregnancy so I was summoned to Washington state to help care for her family while she was in the hospital. She delivered our lovely grandson a month early and thankfully both are fine. That makes for 11 grandchildren, and I feel very blessed.

This is one reason the work to build safe shelter for orphans motivates me. They have no one but kind hearted strangers who want to make a difference in their lives.

 Also, my father in law passed away January 19. He lived a great life and passed peacefully at 86. So, I flew from Washington to Minnesota to attend his funeral in Wisconsin. He, by the way, was an orphan at 6 years old and lived in an orphanage for some time before a loving family took him in. The kind act of a stranger taking him in made a huge difference in his life and of those he touched. And suddenly it was February.

 As you know, last year, we chose Angel of Mercy as our primary project and had hoped to get started building the orphanage in Cameroon. But we are still working out the budget based on drawings and once that gets all settled, we hope to still have time to get it built by next rainy season. We were able last year help Haiti Outreach Mission build their fence and Nibakure Children’s Village build an outdoor kitchen and latrine. In the meanwhile, we have our sites on a project in India for 2012 and hope to provide more information on that in the next few weeks. 

We’re completing the preparations for Gold’s Gym’s Spring Fever  5K Walk Run and Raffle in Minnesota February 25th 10 a.m. and beginning preparations for the Helping Hands Casino Night and Silent Auction in Arizona March 17. We have plans to have some kind of event, small cocktail parties and intimate events every month this year. Our Giving Trip volunteers are working their contacts in Texas, New York and Washington DC. So, these are achievable goals.

Our hope is to continue raising funds for Angel of Mercy until we completed the Phase One of the project in Cameroon.  When finished, it will be home to 12 HIV/AIDS orphans providing them safe shelter and consistent day to day care as they live with their illness.

Also, I am so happy Jen Bakken is on board helping me with press releases, phone calls and helping us tell the stories.  It means so much in the midst of busy and eventful lives when people stretch beyond themselves to do something for those who suffer. Jen is a Gem.  As is Monique, Danielle, Asia, Ubong, Deitra, Isabelle, Christina and Nate, Magda and Lori and Jesse and…. well I could just go on and on now couldn’t I! They are giving from their hearts making a difference in the lives of HIV/AIDS orphans. They are living their faith, doing their part and it really warms my heart.

Danielle and her group in Arizona are working hard to make the casino night happen (all the while studying for their boards in medical school!) We hope to build awareness and raise funds while having a great St. Patty’s Day Party! Danielle and Magda will be telling their story about their trip to Cameroon.

There is so much to do and our group of dedicated volunteers is making it happen.

You can help make the life of a child who doesn’t have a home or family, just a bit brighter. You can donate to our silent auction, raffle or sponsor at one of the levels available. Also, please attend our events. They are not only fun, but they are for the children.

We can’t do it all, but we can all do something!

For the children,