You should meet Dietra. Everyone should meet Dietra. She is vibrant, fun loving and intense in all she does, including her work, play and passions for the orphans she met in Bamenda.

I first met Dietra in Houston through our dear friend Monique Aiken. Monique introduced me to many of her friends and family as she mobilized them around 200 Orphanages Worldwide and the Angel of Mercy Project. Dietra lived and worked in Houston and had just decided to move to Washington D.C. Her profession is nursing instructor, she’s a registered nurse and helps others become as good a nurse as she is.  And you should see her with the kids. Love pours out of her and well, she just wouldn’t put the kids down! And they loved every minute of her attention.


Dietra is a fire ball and her energy is


contagious. She springs to life at the sound of music and her feet and body all move in time to the beat… and

Dietra Winn Scott taught with Danielle Lewis and Magda Peronel at the Nursing School in Bamenda. Her ability to connect with the students was amazing.

this is just in the crowded van on the way from the Airport to Bamenda. She is full of life and laughter and at the same time she is intense in her passions. Once Deitra heard about the cause for the HIV/AIDS orphans from Monique, she was in. And when Dietra is in… she is in all the way. That’s just how she rolls.

 Her heart is filled with love for those in her life and now for the children she met in Bamenda. I received her email today on Valentines Day about the event she’s planning in Washington D.C.  It is a special love letter to her friends, family and acquaintances.

She Writes: 

“I hope that you are doing well and feeling grateful for the love of all the special people in your life.  I’m writing to tell you about my new love and to invite you to share it with me.  I am a part of 200 Orphanages Worldwide, a non-profit organization with the mission of building sustainable orphanages for the neediest of children across the world.  This past September our group visited children in Bamenda, Cameroon and although some were sick and all need a home, they made us smile and showed us the love that only children can.  You can see pictures here:  My heart is full of desire to ensure these innocent children have a home with safety, medical care, education, and a sense of love and belonging. 

Helping children comes at a cost, so we are trying to build financial support from progressive world citizens like you.  You and I have been extremely blessed in many ways.  It’s actually amazing to think how even what we consider a little bit can go a long way in impacting the lives of children and changing their futures for the better.   The home we’re building for 48 HIV+ orphans in Cameroon has been designed by our volunteer architect to allow the children to participate in maintaining that sense of security they haven’t known before.  The orphanage will have gardening areas for children to plant their own fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs.  It will have a rainwater harvesting system that uses a merry-go-round to pump collected rain water so the children create clean water while they play! 

 None of us can do everything, but we can all do something.  My next something is throwing a fundraising reception in honor of the orphans and celebrating the people who support them.  What will be your next something?  How about making a difference through a tax-deductible donation?  You can buy a brick and plaster for $2, a window for $33, an exterior door for $255, or anything in between and beyond.   At 200 Orphanages Worldwide, 100% of all donations go directly toward building the orphanage.  Just visit this secure website:, click ‘Donate’ and select ‘Angel of Mercy Building Project’ from the drop down menu.  Anything you give will help the children more than you could imagine; and we would love to keep you posted on the orphans whose lives you make better. 

 If you’re in DC, I hope to see you at Tabaq Bistro, 1336 U Street NW, Washington DC this Saturday, the 18th for a happy hour from 5pm to 9pm.  We’ll have food, activities, pictures of the children, and music.  A portion of the bar proceeds will go directly toward building the orphanage, so cheers to you and your big heart!  Thank you in advance for being a blessing to orphans, and may you continue to be blessed in all that you do
 Thank you Dietra for hosting this event and for your love for the children. Remember, every bit goes a long way because God’s economy uses multiplication….!
 Blessings to you and all those who invest in the project.