It’s been a bit more than a year since Monique Aiken found us online. Danielle Lewis found us at the same time and each one of these wonderfully loving, smart and caring women had their dreams come true in being able to make a difference in the lives of orphans.

They each have their own busy lives, but still make time to move the cause on behalf of the orphans forward in some way. Both have brought their friends and family into the circle and here we all are. Deitra Wynn Scott our medical volunteer in D.C. had a fund raiser in February, Danielle and Magda had one in March in Arizona and Danielle continues to help me build a network in Arizona. Isabelle created a Photo Book of the Children of Bamenda to raise funds in Houston on the project’s behalf. Monique is ever connecting with people as our Mobilizer in Chief in her travels out East. Christina and Nate continue to stay focused and their roles will increase when the construction starts.

And because of their help, Phase One of Angel of Mercy could be ready to take in its first 12 orphans by the end of 2012.

Relindis Moffor, director of Angel of Mercy, has generously donated land she personally inherited to her nonprofit Angel of Mercy. This is where the orphanage will be built. She is traveling back to Cameroon this month to get the land titled with Angel of Mercy as legal owner. This will ensure her work on behalf of the orphans will continue indefinitely. Mary M. Tjosvold, owner of Mary T Inc. and board member of Angel of Mercy from Coon Rapids Minnesota has agreed to help proceed with the project until completion. Mary has built two schools in Cameroon and her expertise gives us great comfort.

This continues to be an arduous process. Making sure that our hard work and your donations will indeed go to make life better for the children. We are in the middle of working through the legal details and project bids and all those fun things that go into building a project of this in a country far away.

We have acceptable architect bids for Phase One, which includes dorms for 12 orphans and a caretaker, a welcome center and office and the latrine, outdoor kitchen and a well.  We also have the Rotary grant application almost complete for the well and we are confident the funds will be allocated. 

So much has happened it makes me wonder what I will be posting next year at this time. If things go as planned, we’ll be introducing you to the Children of Angel of Mercy, as they move into their new home. If you want to be a part, we can easily enlarge the circle! There’s always room for more when helping the orphans.