Two passionate and energetic young people  Faique Moqeet  and Haaris Pervais mobilized 37 students across the U.S. to  sell  Threads of HOPE bracelets. Their goal was to raise money simply to help HIV/AIDS orphans in Cameroon have a home. Their Threads of Hope campaign resulted in raising $2,600 to help build the Angels Home for Orphans. 

We learned about Project ARC from Monique Aiken, our board member. They quietly and in the background continued their work for 8 months selling Threads of Hope bracelets.

The students were all energized by the cause and worked tirelessly…

 Sana Moqeet, with Project ARC is with a recent Cameroonian presidential candidate in Cameroon’s last election as well as CEO of Ann Taylor.

They each bought Threads of Hope bracelets and because of Sana Moqueet, the other students and Project ARC, more people are making an impact in the lives of orphans, especially those of Angels Home for Orphans.

We applaud them and their heart for orphans and other causes. We wish them well as they continue their good work on behalf of the orphans we serve, but also in whatever direction the Thread of Hope may lead them.  

Thank you for all you do for the orphans!