Tonight we’re having our first annual Thanks For Giving Celebration. A friend asked me why I am planning this and my only reason was because I was compelled. I just wanted to say thanks to the friends who have given in any way to help us help the orphans. It also is because I love Thanksgiving. It’s the time of year we embrace gratitude, in spite of circumstances and even in hardship. This time of  year we always find something to be thank ful for.

Many have helped us help the orphans…some have donated money, some given time, some provided items for raffles, some items for auctions, some sponsored events, some provided ideas, some organized their networks, some offered creative expertise, some provided direction, some simply opened their arms in love, some gave a listening ear, some prayed, some developed art… some ecorated spaces, some developed or expanded programs… I could go on and on. It all brings a smile to the face of an orphan.

And that my friend is a lot to be thankful for. jh