Pure Joy

There is no greater joy than helping orphans have a safe place to call home. In this work, I’ve seen the faces of joy. I’ve watched the directors of our partner organizations work daily to provide for the orphans and seen the joy in their faces when they reach down to pick up a child in their care. I’ve seen our volunteers and supporters sacrifice time and talent not to mention money to help make dreams for our partners a reality. I’ve seen faces light up with joy with the retelling of the stories of successful events and the difference the efforts will make. The faces of joy belong to those dear ones who reach out beyond their busy lives and the size of their pocketbooks to do something to help an orphan. They belong to those who know indeed we can’t do it all, but we can all do something.

Maybe this joy is because any work we do on behalf of orphans is from the heart of God. His love and care for the forgotten ones is expressed through those who choose to do something large or small. It may be that the pure joy comes from God’s heart as we try to make a direct impact in the life of an orphan. I can only imagine the joy on the faces of the little ones who have a warm safe bed of their own, a hot nutritious meal and a way to get an education. I can see their smiles now. I’ve seen the faces of joy…

Wishing you and yours JOY this holiday season!

For the Children, Jan