I’ve always had a mind to make a difference.

For years I sat in a church pew and waited for an opportunity to come to me. Then one day, I realized that might never happen, so I set about to create an opportunity. With the help of Jesse Bowman, my accountant and Fred Cornforth a professional colleague, 200 Orphanages Worldwide was developed and organized into a nonprofit. Step by step with my own funds, many donations large and small, and lots of support from many individuals and businesses, we’ve been helping orphans have a safe place to call home. We help people with the heart and the means, to make a direct impact in the lives of orphans.

I knew early on that I was not equipped or called to run an orphanage or to care daily for the needs of orphans. But I wanted to do something for the orphans who have so little. I knew there were organizations already in place and I might be able to use my talents to mobilize on their behalf to help them provide for the orphans in their care. So, today, we partner with organizations to help them raise funds for building projects to better serve orphans in their care. A simple vision.

Today, you and I are partners with Angel of Mercy, Cameroon, Nibakure Children’s Village, Rwanda, Mercy Homes, Kerala India, JBFC-Online, Tanzania, Haiti Outreach Mission, Haiti, and soon… Ngatha International in Kenya and Ashirvad Orphanage in Tuni, India.

I realize our work is so minor in the big scheme of things. But, we’ve set out to make a difference, and we have. We’ve helped build security walls, latrines, outdoor kitchens, dining halls, and most recently Phase One of the Angels Home for Orphans in Cameroon. You and I did this. See? We can make a difference. We are making a difference. Knowing full well…we can’t do it all, but we can all do something. Click below to enjoy the slideshow of your work.


And today… we continue… day by day, hour by hour working to make the lives of orphans just a bit brighter.

Thank you for sharing the vision! JH