Thank you everyone who participated in our 4th Annual Spring Fever Charity 5K. It was a new route and location, and people enjoyed the beauty of running along the river. The course and time of year is challenging with new snow and old ice. But the sun was warm and the cause inspiring!

Thanks to all the participants, our sponsors, fund raisers and volunteers, we’ll be sending funds to build the well for Mercy Homes in Kerala India. I shared this at the Victory Party and everyone clapped with joy.

For this year’s Charity 5K, we invited participants to help us meet our goal by asking friends and family to sponsor. Two 2nd time participants, Seth and Greg Hanson, went door to door in their neighborhood and were surprised at how receptive people were to help the orphans in India. They raised $800 among their neighbors, school and work mates.


Seth is in high school and a busy student and athlete. In between homework and sports practice he set his goal to raise $500 for the orphans. His mom Sandy told me that while Seth was at practice, two 8 year old neighbor girls came over with their dad. They were so touched by Seth’s story about helping the orphans, they emptied their piggy banks and gave what they had.

I was touched at how many expressed their motivation to not only run and compete, but to do it for a great cause. Our website will have a recap and the times of the runners. In the meanwhile, we’ll be continuing our efforts to raise $25,000 for the home for orphans in Kerala by year end.