florianjanwebI am  increasingly touched by the loving people I meet while doing the work of helping orphans. I’ve often said that orphans are God’s Children, and our partners, the directors and founders I work with, are His hands and feet doing the work of caring for his own.

Floriane Brown: Floriane is founder and executive director of Nibakure Children’s Village, Rwanda. I met Floriane as she was developing her vision and mission and today there are three homes built with 16 orphans living on a beautiful plot outside Nyamata. She is tireless, compassionate and diligent. In spite of endless obstacles, she perseveres on behalf of God’s children. She just returned from a long trip there, and will return again shortly.
Relindis Moffor: Angel of Mercy. Relindis works with women and orphans who many in the world have rejected. They are ill, they are alone. Shemeinafricangarbweb has made it her life to support them, provide medical care and shelter for the orphans.Rebecca

Rebecca Welsh: Halo Foundation: Her delight is to bring hope and a brighter future to the orphans in Kenya, Uganda and other parts of the world, including both Kansas City and Denver. She longs to see the children who are struggling in their early years, have futures that shine bright.

mumbiMumbi Mwangi: The HIV/AIDS orphans have won her heart. She is building a solid foundation under each one as she works to provide excellence in education, medical care and a home and family environment.
mercyhomekenyaPastor Daniel Kizhakkevila, the founder and leader of Mercy Homes keeps on building and building… now there are 60 mercy homes reaching in to the lives of orphans.

Rick Barkley: Rick helps the poor become self sufficient with micro finance loans. He is the first person I called when I met the women and hear of their need in Nyamata Rwanda. I call them our women as they were the first women 200 Orphanages Worldwide helped with funds for a microfinance loan through Rick’s East African Metamorphosis Project. Florian says she met with the women and they sent me their greetings. My heart filled with joy as I believe if you help the women, you help the orphans.janandwoman

There are  other partners not mentioned here, but that doesn’t diminish my respect for them and their work. Each one amazes me with their sacrifice, their dedication, their vision. I wish you could meet them and see what I see. Their compassion, their dedication and hard work is why I am engaged with them in their work..I’m helping them help them. Their big hearts and big visions are making this world a better place and I am honored to count them among my friends. I am determined to help them see their visions become reality. Won’t you help me? I need you and others in your circle to embrace the vision to help those who are helping the most vulnerable among us…We can’t do it all… but we can all do something. jh