DSC_0328I am preparing for a training hike this Saturday with a group of die hard “fun raisers.” I’ve got my water filled back pack, an orange and apple… a power bar… proper shoes, sun screen, shorts, shirt… I’m mentally ready and excited to hike  Trail 100  to just see if I am even close to being prepared for the 14 mile hiking biking event May 11.

Ron Moore, owner of Oasis Personal Training, is organizing the Fun Raising Fitness Event…May 11 because he wants to help the “boys”. These boys are orphans being cared for by Ngatha International in Kenya. The boys are in need of a modern outdoor latrine at a cost of $3500. This project sounds small, but it is not small to the boys in Kenya… for them it means cleanliness, hygiene and basic comfort and safety…and it means someone cares about them enough to help them build the latrine! These are not small things to an orphan. They are great life changing blessings. 318_Captfitness copyJust like this 7 mile mountain hike doesn’t seem like a huge undertaking to some… but for me and some of us it is HUGE! We’re doing it anyway… for the boys!

Oh… and you need to know Ron. He’s a busy dad, a husband, a business owner… Ron is also a boy’s basketball coach in Phoenix… he is  “Captain Fitness”  on a local Phoenix TV station and is being sought out by the local Diabetes Foundation to provide fitness training to new and experienced participants as a way to better their health. Ron has a big smile and a bigger heart. Ron is busy…he’s engaged… he’s passionate about helping others. Thank you Ron on behalf of the orphans.  If you want to participate in some way…donate or join Ron on the hike and bike ride…  He just wants to be able to build the latrine!

I also just booked tickets to go to NY to the Building Hope…Together event. You should come…

It is going to be so great… Monique Aiken, one of our Giving Trip volunteers and our Board secretary, is organizing the event. Her sister, the architect for Angels Home for Orphans in Cameroon will be there. Monique has a great night planned. Here is a list of the talent she’s recruited for the night to help make that happen:  

We’ll be sharing about the projects in India, Cameroon and Kenya… with hopes of igniting your passion on behalf of the orphans. Monique will share her story, I will share mine, and Christina will show you where her passion has led. Best of all, we get to meet you!

Our goal this year is to have 12 smaller, more intimate fund raising events in 2013. We’re well on our way, but we may need you to help in some way…. If you could organize any of the following small fund raisers… contact me. Our projects include trying to raise $25,000 for the Mercy Home in India, another $3,500 for a latrine in India, and $10,000 for the dormitory for the boys in Kenya.  These would be fun, not a huge amount of work, but if you can raise $1,000-$5,000 that’s a huge help!

Motorcycle Orphan Ride
Orphan Home Cocktail Hour
Holiday Party for Orphans
Art Sale and Auction for Orphans
Bike Ride for Orphans

We all have the heart to help the orphans…. here’s a few ways to make a direct impact.

We can’t do it all, but we can all do something! jh