Builidinghope 046Every day, no matter how busy I am with life, I remember the orphans and do one thing to help make their future brighter; at least one thing every day. I met others like me in NYC last weekend. 

I was so thrilled to attend the Building Hope Together event in NYC. It was a whirlwind trip, but I was so touched with how Monique is mobilizing friends and family to remember the orphans. The photo above is of Harold Oneal performing.  The talent and venue were amazing…thank you all for remembering the orphans. We expect the funds raised will be combined with the Oasis Fitness Trek May 11 in Arizona to be used for Ngatha International’s outdoor modern latrine. We can’t do it all, but we can all do something!

I also met the most lovely people, one of the founders of Charitysub.org. We will be featured on their website in June. Charitysub.org co-founder Amy Crew contacted me and amazingly enough they are in NYC. Builidinghope 071We were able to work schedules to do an interview while I was in NYC. How amazing is that? Jim Crew, co founder and crew did the interview and we get to keep the video for future marketing… so stay tuned. It’s always amazing to me, that when I make a step forward, many doors open.

Day to Day work:

whiteboardIn my workspace, I use a white board to with my year-long strategy written on it for daily motivation. Rebecca Welsh, founder of Halo Foundation and partner, says I should share this whiteboard. This is what keeps me going as I go about my day to day responsibilities. It’s all about helping an orphan have a brighter future… and you are making it happen.

Today, my work involves sending $1300 raised from the Spring Fever 5K supporters to pay for the well for Mercy Homes in India. Also, I am sending the final draw request for funds to Angel of Mercy for the orphanage. They will be doing some finishing work on the inside of the orphanage. A few more things, and the home will be ready for the orphans.

This is exciting and the results of our efforts in the 12 fund raisers we have set out to have in 2013.  Your donations and support truly makes a direct impact in the life of an orphan. You are changing a life.