WP_20131105_009This year’s Giving Hearts mailing is on its way thanks to faithful volunteers from RSVP in St. Cloud MN.  I was touched by these lovely women who gave up their morning and afteroons to help fold, package, stuff, seal and stamp our once a year mailing to project investors, supporters, volunteers and event particpants. Godfrey Mganya, our development associate, was there with the list and labels. What an honor to meet these giving hearts who volunteer their time helping organizations like ours. Giving from their hearts is what they do, I for one couldn’t be more grateful. It takes lots of loving hearts and hands as we work toward building brighter futures for orphans. Even my Granddaughter Clara got in on the act helping seal and stamp!


Our MN partners are busy with their annual fund raisers. I was able to attend two of them, Angel of Mercy and Nibakure Children’s Village.

Angel of Mercy was able to find sponsors for all of the selected children and they even had others who wanted to sponsor when she takes more on in her program in Cameroon. She’s going back to Cameroon to oversee the construction of the well and the outdoor kitchen. Both projects are underway and we’ll get an update soon.


The orphans in Rwanda were able to Skype with attendees at the fund raiser. What  a thrill to meet the kids and see them together in their new home. Both organizations are constantly improving their care for the orphans and we’re proud to have them as our partners.

Another local Central Minnesota fund raiser is for Ngatha International in Kenya. Dr. Mumbi Mwangi is raising funds for the boys dormitory. We are helping build the boys latrine and will do what we can on the boys dormitory in 2014. The fund raiser is Dec. 7, at Seventh Day Adventist Church in Sauk Rapids.

I am so moved by the heart of these women who are doing what they can to help an orphan. We can’t do it all, but we can all do something!