give_nowWhere would Santa be without his helpers? Well, I think we all know that answer to that! Please consider donating to help us meet our goals. We’re far behind our goals, but even still, we keep moving forward hoping for the best! It’s uphill all the way my friend!

As you read further, please take a minute to watch a video from one of our partners JBFC-Tanzania. Your support this past year just helped them increase their livestock, enabling them to become sustainable as an orphan home for girls!

As an all volunteer organization, all of your support goes to the project, so be generous.

As you  know, 200 Orphanages Worldwide depends on dedicated and talented volunteers and supporters. Without you, we would not be able to help the orphans the way we do. We are meeting more and more people who just want to help an orphan in some way, so here are just a few who came to help us recently in amazing ways: 

DianaricketsonMeet Diana Ricketson: Diana answered the call on Volunteer Match for a social media manager. Her heart for the children is what motivates her.  She’ll be directing our online communications as Social Networking Coordinator. Diana is great and has amazing qualifications.. She’s brilliant! You’ll be hearing from her soon in numerous ways. Thank you Diana for having a heart for the children.

Meet Chuck Gooley: Chuck came to us also through Volunteer Match. We called out for web developers/designers to help us retool our web site. Chuck decided to use his skills to help nonprofits like ours rebrand or retool their websites. Thank you Chuck for what you do! He’s been patient as we work through details of building and rebuilding a better website, it’s a long process, but we will by the first quarter of next year have a new look!

  coryraceMeet Cory Scheer: Cory is running 12 marathons a month for a year to call attention to causes dear to his heart. We are gratefully on his list and he’s organizing his first Virtual 5K. Participants register online with a donation to one of 5 basic needs charities he’s selected.

200 Orphanages provides the basic need of shelter and safety. We’re benefiting by participants donating at varying amounts and selecting 200 Orphanages. All participants run their own 5K on April 13, 2014… We are able to keep the participants updated on our project progress… thank you Cory! Thank you Virtual 5K participants! Learn more about Cory’s story and his own personal marathon challenge progress and the Virtual 5K at

Meet Lori Fuchs and Kevin Hardy with EnduRUNce Shop and Snap Fitness. These two hearty souls are organizing kevinhardyour Spring Fever 5K for February 23 2014. This is Lori’s 5th year and Kevin’s 2nd. I can’t help but delight in their generous hearts… it takes time and energy out of their busy days to make something happen on behalf of the orphans.

LorifuchsThese just a few examples of how a volunteer organzation is able to provide safe shelter for orphans who have so litte. We’ve met the most amazing people in this work… thank you!

We can’t do it all, but we can all do something!