11445987986_6ed67066ab_bWe Christians recognize December 25 as the day to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. His humble birth, exemplary life and purposeful death are honored by millions on this day. Jesus, born in squalor, lived well and gave his life, the ultimate gift, so that those who believe will have life eternal.

Today, joyful gift giving  has become central to Christmas celebrations, as well as a visit with Jolly Old St. Nick or our Santa Claus.  My grandchildren saw Santa on the 520 in Seattle the other day…. he’s a busy guy! He waved from the passenger seat… no doubt his reindeer were still at the north pole. We also were able to have Santa come to our house…I met up with him at a Rotary meeting. Apparently Santa’s a Rotarian… of course he is!

Amidst all this celebrating, the buying and giving,  I like to think the focus  on gifts is in honor of the gift of life given to us.

But, there’s more to the holidays than gift giving. I treasure being with my family and demonstrating  my love for them in other ways as well. I am blessed to have a large family, lots of young grandchildren to love and adore. And I am well aware, as many of you are, that not all children have grandparents or parents to love and adore them. Too many are left behind because of poverty or disease and misfortune. Too many are orphaned and alone. This is why I do what I can to help. I treasure our partners, I treasure you, for doing your part to help ease the loneliness and lack an orphan experiences every day. We’ve been able to help more orphans this year than ever with the gift of  safety and shelter. You have made that happen.

We can’t do it all, but we can all do something. Thank you for doing your something!