LOGOsquarenyearsI’m ringing in the new year with a call to “Deliberate Generosity”.

I made a choice a few years ago to think of  time spent in the same terms as money. If  time and talents were  resources to be invested or spent, what am I spending mine on?  It’s easier to track with money, you spend and get something in return. It’s easy to see what you’ve purchased. But, what about time and talents?  It’s not as tangible, but your return is just as real.

So, with that comparison, I decided to deliberately spend my time and talents on things that I believed  mattered the most, my family, and faith and the orphans. Today, I deliberately choose to spend my time and talents to help orphans knowing I can’t do it all, but I can do something.

I started 200 Orphanages Worldwide more than 5 years ago and since then, we’ve made it part of our mission to encourage deliberate generosity in others. With the support of others, we’ve helped provide safety and shelter at 8 different partners. We’ve built security walls in Haiti, Uganda and Rwanda. We’ve helped orphan homes with sustainable agricultural projects in Rwanda, Cameroon and Tanzania. We’ve built two orphan homes, one in India and one in Cameroon and expanded another in Haiti. We’ve helped complete dining halls in India and Tanzania. These projects were completed because of deliberate generosity.

We all have one life to spend and limited resources… so join me in making life count. Consider deliberate generosity as your way of life by sharing a portion of your time and talents on something you’re passionate about. We’d love to have your help providing safe shelter for orphans in 2014.  You really can do a world of good.